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Catalog Number 2009.18DEATH1
Object Name Death Certificates- 1
Scope & Content Dixon Death Certificates A-L, 1910 -1921.
These certificates were scanned in alphabetical order, but were not received into the software program in that order. You will have to search through each certificate to locate the one you are looking for.
Collection Dixon Public Library Historical Files
People Agee, Elizabeth
Allen, Peter McLeod
Apperson, Eliza Caroline
Aye, Hans Johann
Becker, Carl Fredrick
Bell, Arthur C.
Bell, Helen
Bell, Margaret
Bensen, Gotleib
Bevins, Horace Porter
Bissell, Harry Leonard
Blanso, Joseph
Boynes, Peter William
Brown, Agnes Walton
Brown, Arthur James
Brown, Richard
Brown, Richard Howell
Brown, Wilfred Fay
Bruno, Angelo
Buckles, Mary
Buerri, Tony
Cagle, Mary
Calstrom, Frank
Carr, Ellen
Carr, Peter
Chong, Mar Park
Collier, Sarah Ann
Connelly, Winifred
Cowden, John Fredrick
Crow, Susan
Culver, Harriet
Culver, William Andrew
Cummings, Elana Mirtalda
Davis, George Washington
Davis, Mariah Ella
Dawson, Andrew Jackson
De Haven, Alfred
Derby, James Joyce
Donaho, John Towsend
Dudley, Elizabeth
Duffield, Martha
Eames, Edmund Curtis
Erickson, Axel E.
Etzel, Joseph
Fegley, Gladys
Fegley, Phillip Earl
Feider, George Washington
Fennely, Freiola Marguerete
Ferguson, Mary
Finley, Henry Harrison
Finley, Winifred Alberta
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth B
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Jefferson
Ford, Bridget Margaret
Fordner, Isaac Owen
Foster, George Washington
Fountain, Fredia Alberta
Fox, Patrick, Foyer, Otto Coleman
Freeman, Patrick Thomas
Fritts, Henry Rudolph
Fritz, Aaron
Fuedner, Albert
Fuedner, Letita Frances
Fuller, Charity Jane
Gardner, Isaac Owen
Gaito, Pete
Geithle, Rosina
Gordon, William
Grady, JOhn DEvana
Greame, Catherine May
Green, Frnak
Harlan, Charles
Harris, Robert S.
Heitman, Get
Hill, Joseph Silver
Hinds, Joseph Edward
HInton, Lotta
Hope, Libbie Saunders
Howard, Lewis
Hulen, Lucy Ann
Hyde, Fred Warner
Hulen, George Washington
Jahn, Johann
Jessie, Joe R
Jahn, William Ernest
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson, Thorton Lyman
Johnson, Viola Margaret
Johnson, William
Keisker, Meta
Kettenburg, Caroline D.
Kilkenny, BOY
Kimball, Lucille Violet
King, Eugene Warren
King, James A Judson
Kirby, Abraham
Kumle, Fred J
Leigh Austin Houstin
Lewis, John Marshall
Lindley, Sadie
Little, Otis Barker
Locey, Archie F